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…an extension of Protocol Models on the Gulf—designed to assist those who are “just getting started in the business.” Although I spend a tremendous amount of time counseling models & actors, there are never enough hours in a day to reach and teach everyone face-to-face. We ALL lead busy lives, and the use of technology has now become a necessity in order to succeed. If you need a helping hand to become an accomplished model, Modeling Career Coach is your greatest resource.  The good news is, “it doesn’t take long to get ready” IF you are willing to set some goals and are determined to work hard!


Not everyone can become a model.  Are you surprised to find out that modeling is NOT a club that you join?  You must be invited in

Agents are in charge and decide who will get an invitation. But don’t let that discourage you.  You CAN prepare yourself for success, rather than failure.

First, you must become physically fit before submitting to an agency.  What do models look like?  Why them & not you?

Much is expected of you.  You are required to have skill, knowledge & business savvy, because models are the owners of their own business, and “we have standards.”

Early in my career, I naturally assumed that those who aspired to become a model were paying attention.  It wasn’t true then, and it’s not true now.  Many model hopefuls are clueless about our industry, and I don’t want you to be one of them.  Don’t even THINK about applying to an agency until you are READY.


The QUESTION I hear most often is:
How do I get started in the modeling industry?

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NO amount of dollar’$ spent on modeling will guarantee that you will be signed by an agent. You must be physically ready for an agent to be interested in you. Are you? Do you know anything about the modeling business? Do not feel embarrassed if your answer is no, because most people know very little. Have you mastered basic print modeling skills?  No? Don’t worry. They really ARE basic, and you can learn them quite easily with a little practice at home. It’s easyI can help!


Assess Your POTENTIAL for Modeling

Do your legs need toning?
What about those abs?
Is your hairstyle chic?
Should you lose a few pounds?
Are you wearing braces or need them?
Do you look & dress like a model?

NEVER apply to an AGENCY if you’re NOT ready!

If something needs work, FIX it FIRST.

You'll need_500

Be actively involved in self-improvement.

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ALL Models

MODELS from left to right:  Larry Shoop, Judy Davis, David Benjamin, Avery Jane, Alyson Griffin, Judy Davis, Alice Saltzman

Modeling is a demanding profession

with early morning call times,
long work hours standing on your feet
under the hot sun
modeling swim wear in 30 degrees weather
with snow on the ground.

Healthy & fit models work.
It takes lots of stamina to look good
while working as a model.

Follow this simple plan to develop
a healthy & fit lifestyle for modeling.

Clients Expect Best
Our Bottom Line

Protocol Models on the Gulf is always excited to meet model & actor hopefuls.  However, please understand that this IS a business, and while a “great look” might get your foot in the door, success in our industry requires much more.  That’s why our motto has always been…

“We take pride
in representing




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