Welcome to Modeling Career Coach—an extension of Protocol Models on the Gulf—designed to assist those who are “just getting started in the business.” But it’s also a great avenue for working models who feel they need a refresher course. The modeling & talent industry doesn’t stand still. It is constantly evolving, and we have to keep up! Although I spend a tremendous amount of time counseling models & actors, there are never enough hours in a day to reach and teach everyone face-to-face. For those of you who live within a reasonable driving distance of a reputable agency, access is readily available for you to receive the benefits of an agent who will work directly with you.  But if you live hundreds of miles from a legitimate modeling/talent agency, you may want to consider other options. We ALL lead busy lives, and the use of technology has become a necessity in order to succeed.  If you need a helping hand, Modeling Career Coach is your greatest resource for our industry.


Not everyone can become a model.  Are you surprised to find out that modeling is not club that you join?  It’s a business, and you must be invited in.  Agents are in charge and decide who will and who won’t get an invitation.  But don’t let that discourage you.  You CAN prepare yourself for success, rather than failure.


First you must be physically ready before you submit to an agency.  Pay attention.  What do models look like?  Why them and not you?


Not only must you look presentable, but much is expected of you.  Modeling is not for sissies.  You are required to have knowledge, skill and business savvy, because models are the owner of their own business. Like every business, we have “standards.”


Early in my career, I naturally assumed that those who aspired to become a model were paying attention.  It wasn’t true then, and it’s not true now.  Many model hopefuls are clueless about our industry, and I don’t want you to be one of them.  Don’t even THINK about applying to an agency until you are READY.

5aa_Getting Your Act Together

DANGER:  Modeling SCAMS…advice from your coach to help you protect yourself.

It’s difficult to separate the “good guys from the bad guys,” because scam artists are soooo GOOD at what they do. Their #1 objective is to get as much CA$H from you as possible and FA$T.


They’ll take money from anyone who comes through their doors.  EVERYONE hears the basic “sales pitch.”  You immediately think they have connections in the business, but the only connection they are interested in is THEIR hands on YOUR wallet or credit card.

You read their ad in the newspaper.  They’re coming to your city at a hotel.  AND, of course, they are looking for models. You show up for the interview.  Later, you receive a call–you’ve been “selected.”  I have news for you.  Everyone who was there was “selected.”  But you’re excited. You feel special.

OR, maybe you find their web site. It’s glamorous!  You call  them. They invite you to an interview. They invite everyone who calls them to an interview.  They have a fancy office.  It looks like the “real thing.”

They tell you they are NOT an agency.  You barely hear them, because you’re too busy feeling special.  They call themselves a management company.  It goes right over your head. You don’t know the difference between a modeling agency, a modeling school OR a management company anyway.

They brag about all the models they’ve scouted who have gone on to do great things.  You believe them without any real proof.

Once they have you hooked, they PROMISE you’ll be modeling soon–THAT IS, if you:
—-Make a deposit TODAY to attend an event which is very co$tly.
—-Sign up for their training program–an expensive one.
—-Schedule a photo shoot–which is most likely not worthy.
and the list goes on…

They get you into a frenzy, and before you have time to think clearly, you’ve bought into it.
You sign on the dotted line.
The contract is binding.
You owe them lots of money, and you can’t get out of it.
You’ve been SCAMMED!!!

Soon you attend your first class or photo test, and SURPRISE.  You see people who don’t belong there. YouKNOW they are NEVER going to model.  They don’t have what it takes.  But it’s too late. They’ve got your MONEY.

And that’s just the beginning. There’s always something new to sell you, month after month after month.  They won’t stop asking until you’ve finally had enough. You say “NO MORE.”  Only then do the calls cease. Once they realize you’ve given all you are willing to give, they move on to their next victim.


Legitimate modeling agencies don’t operate this way.   

If you belong in the business and you take the appropriate steps to connect with a legitimate, licensed AGENT, you will move forward “the right way.”  Yes, a model must master skills and acquire modeling tools, but your agent will make sure that you pay a fair price for everything you need to succeed.
REMEMBER, advice & counsel is free, so take advantage of your AGENT’S generosity, and follow through.