Protocol Models on the Gulf
FLORIDA models & actors ONLY, ages 4+.

We are seeking all ages, all types.
We have a current NEED for EXPERIENCED male models & actors, ages 25-65.
EXPERIENCED male models & TRAINED male actors should apply IMMEDIATELY.

Valid Social Security #/card is required to work in US.

*In order to work in our industry, models & actors
must have a FLEXIBLE schedule.

 ParentsTeensKids—READ before submitting:
1TEEN ModelsFemales 5’7″-6′………Males 5’10”-6’3″
(If a teen model IS a trained actor, height is NOT our first consideration.) 

2ADULT  ModelsFemales 5’2″-6’………Males 5’8″-6’3″
3ACTORS—There is NO height requirement for actors.
4KIDS—Must be patient, pleasant, & polite.


IF you are UPLOADING Digitals–Do NOT pose.
Head shot–NO hands on face.
Arms to side in “full length shot.”  NO hands on hips.
Arms to side in “full length PROFILE.”  Body & head in PROFILE.
Models, do NOT apply IF you are NOT yet “physically” ready.
Models must have good hair, clear skin, straight white teeth & be physically fit.
Send RECENT photos ONLY.
If you do NOT look like your photos, the interview will NOT commence.



Experienced models - Send 3 professional shots
New models / Just getting started - Send 3 current digitals
Maximum size upload 3MB

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